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More than just a statement, it's a reality that we're living to fight for every day. Black Lives, no matter the religion, sexual orientation, age, or gender, will always matter.

You cannot have an industry without talking about Black creators, Black artists, Black designers, Black culture as a whole.

As a black woman, I believe that the only way for us to see changes is to speak up and to use any platform we can find to concretely express and expose the injustices that we see without holding back or "dilute" our opinions in fear of offending other individuals.⠀

No matter what the world tells you, remember that YOU matter and that just being who you are is already extraordinary.

Wondering how you can help?

Talk to the Black individuals around you, give them your support without belittling their issues.

Be an ear on which they can count on when they feel comfortable enough to talk to you.

Try to educate yourself on their story and understanding that it is not their job to give you all the information you might want to know. 

Don't just be an observer of the injustices happening around you, speak up, and denounce what you see.

Understand that #AllLivesMatter will never be true unless we all come together and agree on the fact that #BlackLivesMatter.