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Let’s Talk About Your Skin Type!

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Which skin type are you? Did you ever ask yourself that question before running into the store to buy some new product this YouTuber said: “Was just magical?” If you can’t answer, it’s time to talk about your skin type!

There are five main types of skin: Normal, Oily, Dry, Sensitive, and Combination. 

Whenever you deal with different things in life, such as stress, school, or even love, your skin also goes through these things with you and changes depending on the outcome of theses situations.

Well, before spending 200$ on rose water and mud masks, why don’t you sit yourself down for five minutes, learn more about your skin and pass by our shop to see what we offer?

Normal skin type

Well, if you have this skin type, you draw the lucky number. Normal skin type is not too dry or too oily, and even if you might see some appearances of patches, it is rare, minimal, and trust me, will not stay like that for long. You probably have really small pores that are not easy to see. and that do not get clogged. Your skin tone tends to be naturally even, and you surely have a radiant complexion, with no sensitiveness. Or course, normal doesn’t mean perfect. You might have some blemishes from time to time and a little bit of oiliness on your T-zone; the forehead, chin, and nose part of your face.

Our advice? Stick to a regular day & night skincare routine. Make sure to exfoliate your face while doing so, and be gentle when it comes to taking care of your eyes area. When you are massaging your face, try to do it in small circles: it will help you boost your blood circulation.



Sensitive skin type

Having sensitive skin can definitely be a challenge. No matter what you put on your face, it just seems like it always reacts badly, leaving you with spots of redness and horrible after overreactions. Since your skin is prone to inflammation and to dryness, you might be suffering from eczema, rosacea, or even contact dermatitis. Who knows, it could even be an allergy that you didn’t even know you had! Even if this skin condition is not always permanent and might be the result of over scrubbing, over-exfoliation, or just the use of harsh products, it’s definitely a pain to deal with the burning and the rashes. 

Our advice? The first thing to do would be to have a dermatologist check your skin. Only a specialist will be able to determine if you have sensitive skin or if something else is causing your skin to act this way. You should definitely steer clear of deodorants soap or soaps with a fragrance. When buying your soap, try to find one with fewer ingredients without alcohol, retinol and/or alpha-hydroxy acids. To reduce the risk of irritation, make sure that you moisturize your face often, with a fragrance-free cream. Before trying any new products on your face, do a patch test on your wrist by banding the product for several hours, or by applying a small amount of this product behind your ear, overnight.

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Oily skin type

This one might seem a little scary when you come across it, but do not worry, we got you covered. In comparison to the normal type, your pores are really more visible. Because you are producing too much oil, you will see a lot of shine on your complexion, and it is possible that you might see the apparition of multiple blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and/or other blemishes. You are more likely to have acne, and for those who wear makeup, it might be difficult to go through the day without reapplying that setting spray.

They are numerous causes of why some people have this skin type. First, like all skin types, it all comes down to genetic predisposition. Depending on the type of skin that your parents, grandparents, and who knows how many more family

members had, you received certain genes that expressed themselves by giving you your current skin type. Secondly, it can be caused by hormonal changes, such as puberty, pregnancy, or even menopause. Some people have a high quantity of sebum glands in their faces; sebum being a substance secreted by the body to ensure that the skin remains soft and hydrated throughout the day. But when produced in too high quantity, this substance tends to blocks the pores and causes all these little imperfections on your face.

Our advice? Make sure to wash your face at least twice a day, particularly if you just came out of a rough workout,  BUT do not use any products that promise you a dryer face; they contain harsh ingredients. By doing so, you will only make your skin produce more sebum; in an attempt to rebalance the hydration of your face. The result? A face oilier than when you started this new routine. While you are washing your face, do not forget to exfoliate using a gentle product, but try to stay away from the scrubbing.

Even though it might seem tempting to pop these pimples, please refrain from it. By touching your face all the time, you will spread the bacteria all around your face, which will only give you more breakouts. The only result you will have is a scar of that memory, a memory that would have healed way faster if you just had left it alone.

But do not worry, there are some advantages to having oily skin! First, of all, your face will seem to age slower. Since you are producing more sebum, the creation of wrinkles will happen slower than on the face of other individuals. Second, you do not need to use as much as a moisturizer. The sebum is a natural liquid that will help you achieve the task of hydrating your skin. But don’t get it twisted, you do still need some moisturizer on that face of yours. If you do not do it, you might find your skin trying once again to rebalanced this lack of moisturizers by secreting more sebum. And you know the endgame: an oilier face.

Dry skin type

Now comes the one that causes a lot of problems: the dry skin type. Your pores are almost invisible and your skin is most likely flaky, with possibilities of patches. You might have a rough complexion, and you are prone to have premature wrinkles. This skin type varies in its level of gravity since it comes in multiple forms and skin diseases. It has been scientifically proven that a lot more women are suffering from this discomfort than men, and sadly, no matter who you are on this Earth, your skin will dry as you get older.

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Since you are producing way less sebum than the other skin types, your face doesn’t get the fat, also called lipids, that it needs in order to keep the moisture in, and to adequately protect you from your environment, like the sun, pollution, or even harsh products.

There are many other things that could lead to giving you dryer skin. Your exposure to different types of weather, like the wind or the cold, the Ultraviolet lights coming out of tanning beds, staying too close to indoor heating, and even long and/or baths and showers all have great impacts on the moisturization of your skin. That’s not all! Even little daily things like certain ingredients in soap, cleansers or cosmetics and medications could affect you

Our advice? Make sure that you drink enough water during the day, this will help your pores by hydrating them from the inside and by giving you a radiant look. Want to do even more? Try adding a serum to your skincare routine. But while choosing it, just like any other skincare products, take one without alcohol, perfumes and/or colorants, because they will cause irritation on your face.

Combination skin:

Having combination skin is a little bit more tricky. You normally have to deal with two different kinds of skin at the same time: oily skin, and dry skin. With this particular skin, you will probably find yourself with a lot of dry spots on your face, and other spots with too much sebum. It is the most popular type of skin, and yet, a lot of people mistake it for oily or dry. It is important to note that unless you have a general oiliness all over your face, you probably have a combination type of skin. Since it may differ from individuals, there’s no specific place where these two types find themselves. Generally, people tend to find oiliness in the T-zone of their face, which is the nose, the chin, and the forehead.

Our advice? Since you are dealing with two different categories of skin, it’s suggested that you get yourself two different moisturizers. For your T-zone, the parts of your face that are shinier, try using a light moisturizer. This way, even when you are hydrating yourself, your skin won’t try to overcompensate in the production of sebum. For your cheeks, and every other part that might seem dry to you, use a thick moisturizer that will help to lock the hydration in your pores, and help you to maintain healthier-looking skin.

Do not use any creams and/or moisturizers with perfumes, and in the same line of ideas, try to use mainly products with natural ingredients. This should go without saying, but having this type of skin means that you could react badly to certain products. The best way to lower the chances of having a bad reaction with them is to put yourself as far as you can from chemicals.

And this is how we should talk about skin type!