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Our Story



We are a black-owned Montreal based e-commerce that pledges to serve you with vegan & organic skincare products, helping you to bring out the radiance your skin is capable of. Our products are meant for all skin types, so make sure you enjoy our various formulas!


Manuela, a young black Canadian of Cameroonian descent has  been suffering from severe eczema since birth,  which is why she understands the difficulties behind dealing with skin disorders, and how it can affect the quality of your life. Tired of always using strong medications and to use steroids creams, she decided to create a skincare line with ingredients that would work with her sensitive skin. It's by exchanging on theses issues that she decided to look for organic skincare formulas, in the hopes of providing every type of skin the radiance they deserve.

Our goal is to give individuals of all ages products and guidance, helping them acquire and maintain healthy skin by using organic products. We want to bring more awareness to skin disorders and empower young women of color in their future entrepreneurship ventures. 

We believe that as individuals in our society, it is our responsibility to make choices that are socially responsible and environmentally and financially. By respecting and promoting creativity and diversity, we vow to make a conscious decision to protect the environment, advocate for social equity, and promote sustainable economic growth.

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