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We are a woman-owned company dedicated to bringing you the best vegan and organic skincare products. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, our products are gentle yet effective and suitable for all skin types. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated!

Founded in 2021

Our founder, Manuela, is a woman of color who has struggled with sensitive skin and eczema from a young age. She tried countless skincare products, but none seemed to work. Many of the products on the market were not made with women of color in mind, leaving her feeling excluded and ignored.


As a young professional in her twenties, Manuela became tired of using steroid creams that only offered temporary relief but did nothing to solve the underlying problem. She decided to take matters into her own hands and create a skincare line specifically designed for women of color with sensitive skin. She spent months researching and experimenting with different ingredients until she found the perfect combination of vegan and organic ingredients that not only soothed her own skin but also worked wonders for others with similar skin issues.


Her experience fueled Manuela's passion for helping other women of color with sensitive skin. She knew firsthand how much of an impact skin issues can have on one's self-confidence and wanted to ensure that no other woman had to go through what she did.

Our mission

Shedding light on different skin conditions while empowering skincare lovers.


Our goal is to give women of color products and guidance, helping them to maintain healthy skin.


We want people to feel empowered in every aspect of their lives because self-empowerment leads to self-confidence.


We believe that as individuals in our society, it is our responsibility to make choices that are socially responsible and environmentally and financially.


By respecting and promoting creativity and diversity, we vow to make a conscious decision to protect the environment, advocate for social equity, and promote sustainable economic growth.

Eco-Values & Sustainability

Touch Radiance offers skincare products made of organic & vegan ingredients, all while being eco-friendly. We believe in celebrating skin conditions and embracing our beautifully complex skin. Our formulas are created to suit the needs of every type of skins. Every product is made in Quebec, where the company is currently established.

Our Culture

Touch Radiance is a sustainable company that always vows to integrate sustainable practices such as putting diversity and inclusion at the core of our values by:

Black Women Sensitive Skin Skincare Organic Vegan Product in Bathroom Photoshoot Aesthetic by Touch Radiance

Valuing all perspectives

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Acknowledging the differences that exist

Building workplace diversity within the company culture